19 Ağustos 2015 Çarşamba

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los gatos luxury cars - In the midst of day-to-day activities it's easy to forget what happened last week, let alone last month or way back in January. A look at 52 weeks' worth of the Los Gatos Weekly-Times finds many notable events, including a ban on single-use plastic bags and a "coming soon" Styrofoam ban.

The historic Los Gatos Theatre was restored to its former grandeur after a lengthy remodeling job. But other construction projects brought protests from Los Gatos residents, including the new Netflix headquarters and the proposed North 40 development. georgia luxury cars


The Netflix project is now being built and the North 40 environmental impact report was certified earier this month.

There were many moments big and small that kept townsfolk busy this year, some of which promise to stay with us well into 2015. most luxurious car